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Marietta, GA Home Broadband Internet

Atlantic Nexus is a high speed Internet provider based in Marietta, GA. Our broadband Internet is delivered via a mix of fiber and copper over AT&T's lines to Marietta homes. A select few homes can get our high speed fiber which delivers up to gigabit speeds. Our helpful staff will know you by name. If you are looking to avoid big company script reading support staff and support a local Georgia company, then AtNex is a great choice. We have far better support than Comcast (is that saying much?) or AT&T. And more of your money stays in the local economy.

Of course, our broadband is not just about high quality customer support, it's mostly about high speed Internet. Depending on location, we can offier up to gigabit service in the Marietta area. We don't have caps and there is no phone service required. So, that means you can cancel the landline and stream Netflix, Hulu, etc at much lower cost than paying AT&T, Comcast, or Dish. Our service makes a great alternative to Comcast.

Check here to see what Internet speeds we offer at your home. You can Call or email us also.