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    Atlantic Nexus was formed in 2004 as a residential DSL provider to bring high speed Internet to homes in the Douglasville and metro-Atlanta area. The coverage area was soon expanded to most of North Georgia. On January 1, 2010, AtNex was acquired and merged into Net2Atlanta, which was a business oriented Atlanta ISP. Residential bandwidth use at night and weekends complimented the business pattern of 9-5 daytime use and helped balance Net2Atlanta's existing connections. Both companies were small local companies with personal customer service and loyal customers. In the Fall of 2019, AtNex was spun off of Net2Atlanta to become Atlantic Nexus Internet, LLC.

    AtNex maintains a significant presence at the most connected telecom facility in the SouthEast, TelX' 56 Marietta facility. There we benefit from the high security, multiple generators and UPS backups, but most of all, from the impressive Internet connectivity available. We are directly connected to many content providers such as Netflix, Apple, Amazon, Google and many many more. This means low latency (lag) and high performance. Our network is extensive and extremely reliable. In 2016, as streaming movies and TV became more common, we decided it was time to shut down the old ADSL network and focus on a newer faster VDSL service. Like the old service, it is great for streaming, VOIP, and gaming. Of course we still provide fiber in some areas and to condominium complexes.

    Currently, AtNex provides gigabit fiber Internet access to very limited areas and up to 75Mbps over copper to others. Most of our Internet service to single family homes is shared with ATT's national fiber backbone. As a result, we can provide high speed internet to most cities in Alabama, Georgia, North & South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. Our tech support people are local Atlanta area residents who friendly and knowledgable. Most importantly, our Internet service is high quality and fast with no add-ons and extra charges. We encourage you to cut the cord, kill the cable/satellite as well as the phone service and stream content online.

    The best reason to choose Atlantic Nexus is that many of our customers have been with us for years. They prefer our excellent local support over the big companies script readers. They also appreciate our honest, straightforward pricing and support without the upselling, manipulation and unpleasantness of the big companies.