Atlanta GA DSL
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Big News!
We can now offer speeds up to 75Mbps
No phone line required!

Dump your cable/satellite and your land line - click here to see how!
Residential pricing:
6Mx768k - $55/mo 12Mx1M - $60/mo 18Mx1.5M - $70/mo
24Mx3M - $80/mo 45Mx6M - $90/mo 75Mx8M - $125/mo

The $100 setup fee includes professional installation at your house and the unique router, which can also do wireless.  There is a 12 month minimum, but price is constant during and after the initial 12 month term. A block of 5 usable static public ips is available for $15/mo more.  There is no ability to setup reverse PTR, though.  Ask us about hosting if that's an issue.